A. (2) Quick Stance Adapter Plates
B. Set of (8) 6x12mm mounting screws
C. (1) Quick Stance Leash

Note: Use only supplied screws as damage to Quick Stance or snowboard can result.

Mount the Quick Stance to your board as you would a standard binding with the supplied 6x12mm screws.

The access holes on the top and bottom of the plate are to access the corresponding holes on your board depending on application.

Pay close attention to your board and the bottom plate in aligning the correct mounting holes with your boards hole pattern.

To access mounting holes pull up on the trigger allowing rotation of the upper disk and line up the bottom plate access holes with the top plate access holes.

Line up these mounting holes to the hole pattern you've determined to be applicable with your snowboard.

Quick Stance has been designed to fit all snowboard patterns.

It is your responsibility to determine which hole pattern is used on your board, the square "standard" (4) screws, triangle "burton" (3) screws or the two outer access holes for Burton EST (2) screws (not provided) as we cannot guarantee fitment as Burton uses (3) three different styles of EST screw mount systems.

As you successfully mount the Quick Stance with your first screw pull the trigger up to rotate the top plate providing access to the additional holes for your screws.

Always mount with the Pull “Trigger” lever to the outside of leg and binding.

Mount your bindings to the Disc/Discs as you normally do to your board.

STEP 3 (optional):
Attach leash to Trigger

To use Quick Stance, simply pull up on the "Trigger" Lever and rotate your foot to any comfortable position and release.
On releasing, you will feel and hear Quick Stance automatically lock into place